Split Solar Water Heater

pressurized solar water heater Split Pressurized Solar Water Heater

Split Pressurized Solar Water Heater
Product Details

Product Name:Split pressurized solar water heater


Circulation Type:Indirect / Close Loop (passive)

Heating System:Batch / ICS (Passive)

Connection Type:Direct-Plug

Recommend region:Europe, America,Canada, Newzeland

Tank capacity:100L-1000L

Working principle

Production & Delivery

Specification and model list

Solar Vacuum Tube
CollectorAperature  Area(m2)Tank          CapacityLoading Qty / sets
Item No.qty / pcssize / mmQTY20GP40GP40HQ
Solar tank with single copper coil inside
YYJ-S01-15-150S15Φ58 X 18001 pc0.96150L357077
YYJ-S01-20-150S20Φ58 X 18001 pc1.92150L306274
YYJ-S01-20-200S20Φ58 X 18001 pc1.92200L285868
YYJ-S01-25-200S25Φ58 X 18001 pc2.40200L265362
YYJ-S01-25-250S25Φ58 X 18001 pc2.40250L244660
YYJ-S01-30-250S30Φ58 X 18001 pc2.88250L224354
YYJ-S01-30-300S30Φ58 X 18001 pc2.88300L204048
YYJ-S01-40-300S40Φ58 X 18002 pcs3.84300L173544
YYJ-S01-60-400S60Φ58 X 18002 pcs5.76400L142733
YYJ-S01-60-500S60Φ58 X 18002 pcs5.76500L132632
Solar tank with double copper coil inside
YYJ-S01-20-200D20Φ58 X 18001 pc1.92200L285868
YYJ-S01-25-200D25Φ58 X 18001 pc2.40200L265362
YYJ-S01-25-250D25Φ58 X 18001 pc2.40250L244660
YYJ-S01-30-250D30Φ58 X 18001 pc2.88250L224354
YYJ-S01-30-300D30Φ58 X 18001 pc2.88300L204048
YYJ-S01-40-300D40Φ58 X 18002 pcs3.84300L173544
YYJ-S01-40-400D40Φ58 X 18002 pcs3.84400L163237
YYJ-S01-50-400D50Φ58 X 18002 pcs4.80400L152934
YYJ-S01-60-400D60Φ58 X 18002 pcs5.76400L142832
YYJ-S01-60-500D60Φ58 X 18002 pcs5.76500L132631
YYJ-S01-75-700D75Φ58 X 18003 pcs7.20700L112226


Inner Tank: SUS304 2B , 2.0mm -2.5mm thickness

Outer Tank: Galvanized steel alloy, 0.5mm thickness

Heat Insulation Layer: Rock Wool, 50mm thickness

Bracket: Aluminum Alloy, 1.8mm thickness

Working Temperature: 99 Celsius Degree

Working Pressure: 1.0Mpa (10 bars)

Scheme of Solar Water Heating Sytem


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